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Business Internet Fax

Business Internet Fax to Email Service - U.S. & Canada

GoFaxgo.com is a Secure Business Internet Fax to Email Service which enables you to send and receive faxes via email or the internet. Each user receives a 10-digit personal local fax number or a 1 800 toll-free number for free. Our email faxing software user can then use this number to receive faxes directly, or they can   forward their current fax number to the provided fax number. Sending a   fax to email is cost effective, convenient and secured. All you need is a computer and internet connection to send and receive faxes online, by personal email and Smart Phone.

Convenience and Accessibility

  • All faxes deliver directly to your email inbox, eliminating the need for conventional fax machine.
  • Our e-mail based fax service allows you to send, receive, and broadcast faxes securely.
  • Send and receive faxes from anywhere you can access the internet.
  • Send and receive faxes from your computer.
  • Send and receive faxes to any regular fax number.
  • Send single and multiple faxes.
  • Send and receive faxes from your multiple email accounts.
  • Send and receive faxes via Blackberry, iPhone or any mobile device.
  • Perfect solution for mobile professionals, business travelers and people involved in fieldwork that don’t have an access to a physical office with fax facilities.

Security and Privacy

  • Incoming and outgoing faxes are delivered directly to your email programs (Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook, Entourage, Eudora, Thunderbird, Netscape and Thunderbird etc).
  • You can download and store your faxes on your computer.
  • All faxes can be filtered and blocked by our spam filter before they gets to your email inbox.

 Reduce your Business Cost

  • No more long distance charges.
  • No more an extra phone line for fax purpose.
  • No more costly traditional fax machines.
  • No more wasted paper, toner costs or maintenance fees.

We can also port your existing fax number to GoFaxgo system. If you currently have a toll free number then porting your number is much easier. If however you only have a local number it will depend on if we have local access to the switch in the area your local number is located. For confirmation we recommend that you send us an email at support@gofaxgo.com with your current fax number and we will let you know if the number is portable.

Get your free Email Fax Number and start faxing online or by email!

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